Video Streaming & Webcasts

Video for Web Designers and Websites

streamingWhether you are young or old the internet is now very much part of everyday life. Consequently information is readily available on every subject imaginable. As human beings we are fickle and “surfing” the internet is a human trait to see just exactly what catches our eye and holds our attention.

(VODCAST) Video On Demand Broadcast

Vodcasts, VOD, Webcasts, video for web, web streaming video are all terms for what is essentially the same production and footage for your website.This is one of the fastest growing film and video production arenas and it enables you to take a 2 dimensional product of a website and add an interactive, informative and entertaining presentation tool to keep your clients interested. Let’s face it you have spent an age and possibly some expense driving people to your website so now you have them your next task is to keep them there and keep them coming back!!

Cost Effective Video Marketing

Video streaming webcasts are great for this and can be updated as often as you like making them a dynamic tool for marketing and enabling you to deliver fresh and new advice, offers and information to your customer.

It may be a video message from your MD, a new product video launch or a testimonial from a satisfied client .Either way it enables you to tell your story in an interesting and cost effective way.

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