Do You need More Customers? Of Course you Do

Does your business need more customers?

I think I already know your answer… Of course!

Do you realise that is the biggest problem virtually all business owners face, yet they do nothing about month after month and even year after year?


I don’t know. The solution is SIMPLE! Go and get more customers.

How you ask? Good question! Now you’re about to learn something fantastic…

To get more customers than are you getting now, first of all its a good idea to know how many you are getting now! Does that make sense? If you know where your customers are coming from now, you’re part way there to solving the problem of knowing where to get more.

95% of all business owners I meet don’t know how many customers they are getting now… in this last week.

Do you know how many paying customers you had buy from you last week? No? Then I suggest you go find out.

Then you’re ready for step 2. Don’t read on until you have started on step 1 and gone and worked out how many sales you had last week, okay?

Did you go and do it? Well…. This article isn’t going anywhere, so off you go. Go measure and come back.

Okay. Can I assume you went and did it? No? Well how come? I’m trying to help you here.

Step 2. Now that you have measured (!) what did you find?

Over the next week I want you to start asking people how they found out about you. Its simple. That’s all you have to do.

People don’t mind you doing it either. Do it with every sale, preferably with every phone call too.

Over the week collate how many calls and customers come from different ads etc. Tally up each form of paid promotion and see where the customers are coming from. You’ll be amazed at the result, I guarantee it.

So just do this step and you’re ready for step 3. If you haven’t done step 2, or even step 1, because you are too busy… remember its not a busy-ness that gives you more money, its a business.

Step 3. Now that you know where you customers come from, how many come from each paid promotion and how many find you through referrals or other means, its time to simply improve on those strategies and even create some new ones.

Lets break that into two areas…

Step 4. This is where I will touch on how to improve what form of promotion you are using now.

Improving is easy! Yet so few people do anything about this. All you have to do is read one book and you will start to know how to make an improvement.

Have you read the book on advertising, “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins? If not why not? Its free from many websites, including my own you can see at the bottom of this article.

Again, being busy makes no difference to growing your business or getting more customers. Isn’t that what you need? You’ll always have a need to get new customers while you’re in business, so learning how TODAY is the beginning of solving the problem forever!

Read Scientific Advertising. If you have already read it, well done! Now I suggest you read it again as reading it once won’t get it all to sink in.

Just changing the top 20% of the ad to remove your business name or logo then putting a headline of some sort across the top of your ad beginning with “How to” and finishing it with a benefit relative for your industry will probably triple your responses. People don’t care what your business name is before they have ever bought from you. Do they?

Step 5. This is where we need to look at how to get more customers. I could (and have) written a book on this. This is such a huge subject I won’t go into it too deeply.

But let me suggest that nearly ALL businesses can benefit from simply running an ad in their local newspaper.

Yes you heard right. The newspaper is a super profitable means of getting new customers, mainly because tens of thousands of people read the newspaper every single week and you can tell them about your business just by spending some money on an ad.

If you’ve “tried” newspaper advertising and it didn’t work for you I suggest you open your mind to the idea again. Here’s why…

Reason 1. Every business owner I have ever met, before I worked with them, has tried newspaper ads and has failed to get enough sales to pay for it from the profit of sales. That’s because they or the newspaper designed it themselves and neither of them has read a book from any of the top advertising legends in the world… ever!

Reason 2. By reading 1 or more books you can make a poor ad that gets no calls into a super profitable ad, in one week!

Reason 3. You only have to run an ad once to see if it works. No $5,000 commitments like radio, or TV.

Reason 4. If you take the time to study success principles of advertising you can get a fantastic number of customers, in fact more than you can handle! When that happens you just run the ad anytime you’d like more customers. How does that sound?

Reason 5. You can test a new ad design for just $200 or less, so there’s low risk.

With newspaper ads you need to run them on page 3, 5, 7 or 9. No later!

If you dont then you won’t get the best value for money. More people read these pages than any other, that’s why the newspaper charges you extra for it. But wouldnt you like to get 5 – 10 times better response by paying 30% more?

I know I would!

Getting an education about effective advertising and marketing is the best education you will ever get. Yet virtually no one in business bothers doing it.

You will always need to get new customers.

Now here is the most powerful thing I can teach you about marketing.

“The aim of marketing is to generate more customers than you can handle!”

When you have more customers than you can handle, it becomes a supply and demand situation. If there is a scarcity of supply, due to demand, it means you can put your prices up.

And when you put your prices up you make more net profit margin. That means more take home pay for YOU without more hours of work, or extra employees, or stress.

Has that motivated you to want to do more marketing and become a student of it? I hope so. But if you you want to know more, please head over to my website to find out more.

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