Corporate Video

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Corporate video has been an essential part of a company’s marketing collateral for many years. However, video production has never been as mainstream and versatile as it is now. Video production costs and the advent of the internet has opened up new marketing avenues for your corporate video.

At adphonic we produce corporate video and dvd to suit any budget on any project. Our projects are varied as we understand that you want a corporate video production which reflects your company and not just a “one shoe fits all” solution.

Broadcast Quality Production and Editing

We complete our corporate video production projects to the highest standards. Our editing facilities use the latest software available and coupled with motion and animation software we can create the video production which is right for you. Using high performance Sony HD cameras and professional production equipment and lighting we ensure that your video production is of the highest possible quality.

Versatility & Value of Video

Corporate video production has never been as valuable as it is today. Not least, as it showcases your company but also because it can be delivered to your clients and prospects in so many different ways.

Whether it is on a dvd, on a USB stick, on your website for download, e-mailed or even sent by Bluetooth or MMS to your client. The possibilities are really exciting and will put your company in a different light to your competitors which is something we all strive for.

Our Production Team

Adphonic have worked on corporate video with many clients and our experience has allowed us to give you the best product possible according to your brief. Our video production team work closely with you throughout your video project and as such there are no nasty surprises on delivery day as you will be kept informed all the way along the line. At the end of the day your input is the most important we get and if you’re happy then we’re happy.

Please contact us for a quote on your next Corporate Video Production or DVD project