Writing Preparation – Writing Is The Easy Part: 6 Steps I Use to Prepare For Writing

Writing Preparation – Writing Is The Easy Part: 6 Steps I Use to Prepare For Writing

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about how to prepare for a shoot. Today, we’re going to explore preparing to write and the different methods of writing preparation.

Now, writing is also a very essential part of a filmmaking. In fact, sometimes it comes even before the idea of the film. A good script builds a good framework on how you would like to go about making your film.

Now writing might seem daunting. There’s a great quote and I’m paraphrasing:

Blank paper is intimidating. It’s that cute girl at school and it’ll take every ounce of courage to ask her for a dance.

I forget who to attribute this quote to and I can’t find it online anymore. I want to say “Christopher something,” but either way it’s a great and fitting analogy for writing.

Don’t fret, I’ve been doing this for some time now, and I have got some tips that could help you with the writing process. These are what I actually do to get myself ready to write.

Writing is intimidating

Sometimes you just don’t want to write. Even just writing this article, I was gripped at times by the clutches of procrastination. It happens to us all.

And it’s especially difficult when you’re just about to start writing. That’s why writing preparation is so important. If you get the preparation right, then you can nip procrastination in the bud!

If you’re looking for a way to get the inspiration, to start, I have written something in the past to give you some tips to get your creative juices going. And, like I mentioned then, you really don’t want to be rolling out something unoriginal, boring and dull. No one wants that.

I actually have quite a rhythm when it comes to writing. I don’t want to say that I eat, breathe and sleep writing. But I am frequently driven towards writing, putting down something, and the sowing everything together.

Whether it’s a script, a brief for my production company, or a piece here on Filmmaking Lifestyle, writing is a big part of my life. And it’s true that it’s something of a love/hate relationship at this point.

writing preparation

Let me share with you how I go about it…

Everything and Everyone has a story

Firstly, ideas are everywhere. Just keep on the lookout for them.

I like to observe. I can spend hours in a café, or at the park, just looking at other people’s lives. I always have found it so interesting.

When I see an old couple walking together holding hands with each other, I imagine how their story has played out.

Perhaps they were young lovers, and only recently got reunited, after 40 or so years. Or perhaps they’ve been together forever.

When I see a boy with his dog, I imagine this dog was the best friend he had while he was going through a hard time at home, or that kid who likes to paddle, is he escaping or is he going towards something? I let my mind to travel, and go to places I have never experienced on my own.

I acknowledge that everyone’s life is interesting, and so are my character’s lives. I build my characters so that they do not just exist for the duration of the movie, but actually have a life of their own, and the movie just captures a part of their life, a significant one.

Sometimes writing your own story may be the best thing to publish. This is where you can combine words with personal feelings and experience. It may also be very intense writing this, but it’s an effective writing method, especially as an exercise to get yourself into writing flow. More on that in a bit.

writing preparation

Reading sparks ideas

You may have heard that line before, and it’s true! When I was younger, I just devoured books. They brought me to a world that I never knew existed beyond what I knew and saw everything.

I started having a grander sense of imagination because of what the story books had shared with me. And since then, my mind gets to travel, sometimes to the peak of Mount Everest, sometimes taking the role of an undercover cop whose gotten so deep in the world of the Italian Mafia that even his department is unsure about where his loyalties lie.

I still make it a goal to read as much as I can. Fiction, non-fiction, news, etc. They keep the fuel burning, even on my downtime, and I don’t have any writing to do.

Here’s a fitting quote from Werner Herzog about being a filmmaker. He has said in multiple interviews that if you want to be a filmmaker you should:

“Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read… read, read… read.”

Perhaps, all that reading also had a big influence on my intellectual development as a young child, and that has helped me also become more observant as a person.

But we can’t daydream non-stop. You have to make sure that these thoughts and observations don’t go to waste.

So you must make sure you capture these ideas…

writing preparation

Always keep a notebook nearby

Okay, so we live in the digital age now. Yet, some of the smartest and most knowledgeable (and successful) folks I know still carry around a notebook.

Yes, an actual physical notebook.

Well, this may not be strictly a physical notebook, just some place where you can write down something when the thought comes. I make use of the notes app in my phone, on my laptop. I have also written things on the napkin that was given to me with my coffee earlier.

Why? Because thoughts can be fleeting, and you don’t want to lose an idea. It may not make sense immediately, but the idea came about. It may take a while to stitch it all together. Or it may also just be part of another story, which you will write in a later period in time.

Before having this disciple, I would have ‘AHA!’-moments that escaped me after 30 minutes. And then, I would scramble my brain again, when I finally got a pen, only to realize that the thought had left me.

And that sucks. That was an opportunity to mold something. I’ve learned my lesson since then, and I’ve been collecting my thoughts on paper.

Nothing beats being able to capture something before it passes.

So, you now think you are ready to write? Here are a few more tips I want to share that helps make the writing process an easier thing to accomplish.

writing preparation

Keep a rigorous schedule committed to writing

Fine, you may not be one of those 9-5 kinds of people who like to clock in at a physical office and crunch some numbers. Before you shrug off this part, I’ll tell you why you have to keep a regular schedule.

Believe it or not, our brains have a schedule. It typically alerts us when we are tired and knows when we need to sleep. It wakes us up after a good rest. And, of course, it essentially also tells us when we need to eat, aside from hearing our tummies grumble.

So, why shouldn’t it also be in concentrate mode when we need to write?

With experience, you will be able to see what kind of schedule works best for you when it comes to writing. Some people are night owls and get their most productive work done after everyone else has gone to bed. Some like to write just at sunrise with a cup of coffee by their side.

Whatever the routine, most famous writers will tell you that they had a daily routine that they followed. Having a routine sets your brain like a clock. It’ll know when to get you into ‘concentration mode,’ because you’ll be doing your writing at the same time every day.

Structure breeds success.

writing preparation

Write even when you don’t feel like writing

Similar to my previous point, aside from having a regular schedule to write, sometimes you will be tempted to not follow it because you ‘don’t feel like it’.

I have had days when I totally felt out of it. So have other writers. But, it’s not an excuse. I’ve written crap before, that I ended up not including in my final draft, and I know that that’s okay.

It was a good exercise. In fact, it lets me still dive in deeper to something I wouldn’t have done on a better day. I may throw away what I wrote on a bad day, but at least I went and explored it.

My point here is.. make it a habit.

Habits are only really fulfilled when you regularly get to do it, even when you initially don’t feel like it. Eventually, the pain of trying to get out of it gets less and less, and soon, it will just be a natural part of you.

writing preparation

Write as if you’re speaking to a friend

Whenever I’m struggling with writing, it really helps to imagine that I’m just writing to a friend. This is especially effective for blog post writing, or any kind of long-form writing.

I’ll sit there and imagine, “Okay, I’m writing to my friend Ben now.”

I’ll even go as far as adding things into my text like, “Just imagine you’re sat down with me in a coffee shop and we’re just chilling out” in some of my pieces of writing.

Another thing you can do is read your piece of writing through and imagine you’re actually reading it directly to that friend. As if you’ve penned a letter and they’re the sole audience. Again, this really helps for all kinds of writing, but especially long-form stuff.

Why does it work? Because you’re personalizing your writing it actually makes it easier to write. It makes it more relevant if you can actually see your target audience in your head as you write.

Years ago, I’d actually read books and imagine them as movies. So I’d read a novel and it would suddenly become a script. I say years ago, but I actually still do this. The characters would take on on-screen speaking roles in my mind and the whole book would become more cinematic.

You can do a similar thing to this with your writing.

Just start writing

There are many exercises to help with your writing, especially for writing preparation.

One of my favorites is to just start writing. Block out a time you’re going to write and then make sure you start writing. You can write about anything and everything – it doesn’t matter. Just write about something to get your writing and creative juices flowing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Block out a scheduled time to write everyday. It helps if it’s the same time every day, as this will build a habit.
  • Now, sit down and write.
  • Write about absolutely anything when you start.
  • It can be gobblydegook and total nonsense. This exercise is just about getting your writing muscles started.
  • Carry on writing and knock off your writing tasks during your allotted writing time!

You’ll find with this technique that you get into the writing flow and everything comes a lot more naturally. Once you get started, you’ll find writing comes more naturally throughout the day.

It’s just about getting started. Everything flows from there.

Have a balanced life

This may sound clichéd, and you may think, ‘why do I have to be told this, when all I want to do is know how to write?’

Actually, it does make a big difference. I know I perform a lot better, and write a lot better when I have been able to run 3 miles every other day, have my three meals, a beer or two in the evening, and sleep 8 hours a day.

This may not be the same routine that works for you, but I do need the endorphins, the right amount of calories and enough rest to be able to let my entire body function. This, likewise, improves mental concentration.

I take time out on weekends, to refresh myself, and get out from the light of my laptop to the rays of sunlight, and get as much of that natural Vitamin D as I can. It is, after all, great for your energy levels.

Also, I get to reward myself, after I have been able to meet some milestones in my writing. And I also have fun planning for those milestones.

Writing Preparation – In Conclusion

Take time to reward yourself. Don’t forget that.

Aside from doing the research I have to for my writing, I also set some time for research on non-work stuff. Like what kind of vacation spot to take the long weekend in, or where our next dinner spot will be once I hit my next milestone.

I also tend to make plans with friends during the week, to meet up with them over the weekend. These are little wins for me that help with my overall concentration and productivity, and to get my own creative juices flowing naturally.

So, these are what I want to share about what I do, before, during and after the entire process of writing. They are my own personal recommendations based on my experience, and I hope they get to be an effective method for you as well.

Remember, sometimes just sitting down and starting to write is 9o% of the battle. It’s like that old adage about, “Showing up is 90% of being successful.”

Have fun writing!

We hope you’ve found our article on writing preparation useful to you and your particular circumstances and situation. Did we miss any writing tips that you really like? How do you go about your writing preparation? Let us know in the comments below.

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New Red Giant Short Film “TANK” Pays Homage to 80s Video Games and Film

New Red Giant Short Film “TANK” Pays Homage to 80s Video Games and Film

Red Giant has released “TANK,” a brand new short film made by Stu Maschwitz, Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer and Industrial Light and Magic alum. Born out of the seed of an idea that was planted in Stu’s brain since his high school days and “shamelessly inspired” by his love of Star Wars, the 3D animated “TANK” was created entirely in Adobe® After Effects® using mathematics and code, and hundreds of hours of painstaking animation work.

In a visual homage to vector arcade games of the 80s (specifically, Battlezone and Star Wars), “TANK” tells the story of a team of pilots that must take on a weapon of mass destruction in a battle to save their world. “In high school, I had this idea for a story about a fleet of small craft defending their base from a large, lumbering, hovering tank-thing,” Stu explains. “I wrote a script, and even drew it as a comic book. I made models and drew endless sketches of how I imagined I’d pull off the visual effects in my backyard, with zero budget, on Super 8 film.”

Watch The Making of “TANK” to learn more about Stu’s journey in telling this visually unique story.

Stu Maschwitz, creator of “TANK” and Chief Creative Officer at Red Giant

Stu, who’s known for his work on blockbuster films including “Sin City,” “Deep Impact,” and “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” was a VFX artist at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic and ran his own visual effects company, The Orphanage, before joining Red Giant as Chief Creative Officer. At ILM, Stu got to work on actual Star Wars movies animating the Millenium Falcon, R2D2 and even (somewhat notoriously) Han Solo. He thought his urge to create a Star Wars-inspired film was finally satisfied, but no matter how busy he’d get working on films or directing TV commercials, he maintained the same spirit of tinkering he had as a kid. “Turns out I hadn’t gotten it out of my system after all.” In January 2017, Stu officially began to create “TANK.”

Stu did all the work on the short film in one, gigantic After Effects project, right on top of his animatic timeline. Each object in the film — the tank, the car, the speeder — has a master comp where it is built and animated. Each individual vector line is a layer, with its start and end 3D coordinates hand-entered. The master Tank comp has 446 layers. The master Speeder comp has 546. In a shot with three speeders, the tank, and the terrain, over 2,500 layers are being rendered just for the wireframes. The animation of “TANK” was a feat in and of itself, and was done in a way no animator would do it today. Stu explains, “Building models this way is ridiculously slow and painful, but strangely, that was an intentional part of my plan. Or maybe a better way to put it is that it was a side effect that I chose to embrace.”

He continues, “No one would have ever advised me to spend a year and half of my life making a retro sci-fi short film with no dialogue, but I didn’t do it because it was a good idea. I did it because this film has been trying to find its way out of me since I was a kid. I made ‘TANK’ to reconnect with that part of me that just can’t help but make things, and try to organize them into stories.”

While on the surface Red Giant is a motion graphics and visual effects software company, our DNA is made up of individuals who are creators in their own right. We’re artists and filmmakers who value the process as much as the end result,” comments Chad Bechert, Red Giant CEO. “We obsess over details and authenticity in everything we do – especially on our passion projects. That translates into the work we do as a software company. We use the tools we make, and we make those tools so we can use them. Stu has been a prime example of who we are as a company and ‘TANK’ is a prime example of why we do what we do.”

The Tools of “TANK”

“TANK” was animated entirely in Adobe After Effects using the following tools:

  • The Expression that Started it All: An Adobe After Effects expression that links a 2D effect to a Null’s 3D position – thisComp.layer(“Null 1”).toComp([0,0,0])
  • VectorKit: Want to experience just how crazy someone has to be to make a film this way? Give it a try with this free After Effects template project. Get VectorKit HERE.
  • Magic Bullet Looks: Red Giant’s flagship color and looks tool was used to create the vignetting, flares and chromatic aberration that make “TANK” appear to have been filmed off a TV monitor with an anamorphic lens. LEARN MORE.
  • Building Your Own 3D Particle Generator: A seminal After Effects expressions tutorial from MotionScripts’ Dan Ebberts. READ MORE.
  • Magic Bullet Film: Red Giant’s film simulation tool created the overall film look of “TANK.” LEARN MORE.
  • Prolost EDC: A free collection of handy After Effects workflow presets. Includes Front/Back Visibility, which was used on “TANK” to automate the visibility of the back faces of the wireframe objects. Get it HERE.
  • Universe Holomatrix II: Part of Red Giant Universe, this plug-in creates scanlines and realistic video distortion. LEARN MORE.
  • Triune Scores: 80s Synth: 14 royalty-free 80s-inspired music tracks, including stings and risers. LEARN MORE.
  • Magic Bullet Renoiser: For the most detailed control of 4k film grain, Magic Bullet Renoiser was used to create the film grain in “TANK.” LEARN MORE.
  • Prolost Boardo: Bring storyboards to life with this set of After Effects presets that make it fast and easy to animate camera moves and transitions. LEARN MORE.
  • Quadro: Turn your iOS device into a customized control surface for your desktop computer. LEARN MORE.

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How to… Transform Your Office into an Inspiring Events Space

How to… Transform Your Office into an Inspiring Events Space

How to… Transform Your Office into an Inspiring Events Space

It is relatively easy to turn a stunning events venue into a successful event however, transforming more austere office space is something else altogether. Gone are the days of row upon row of cubicles; offices now reflect the modern nature of the company by providing fun and comfortable spaces for employees.

Comshows was recently hired to produce a pre-event worthy of motivating staff to attend an evening webcast to connect the regional office with the HQ in America for training and updates. Attendance throughout the webcast was ensured by providing a raffle with incredible prizes, such as an Apple Watch, whereby winners would be drawn at the end and presence was necessary to redeem the prize.

**Top Tip** Motivate staff to attend training sessions through a social event rather than obligatory attendance.

This event revolved around the seasonally apt Oktoberfest, whereby we faced the challenge of hosting at the client’s office. Continue reading for Comshows examples and top tips on how to successfully transform office space into an event venue.

Utilising your office space as an event venue works as a great way to keep to a budget whilst creating the necessary ambience through a few other, simple mediums. Due to familiarity with the venue, it is vital that décor plays an important role in transforming a space from one recognised by the employees to a different venue altogether. The difficulty of transforming office space arises through the rigid nature of the building. To avoid this, the use of props and furniture works well to create an informal space where guests feel able to relax. The change in furnishings works to alter the atmosphere of the previously recognisable office space. We, at Comshows, replaced all furnishings with rustic, wooden benches to adorn the office and dissociate the venue with the workplace.


**Top Tip** Soft furnishings easily transform the look of a room. They can act as décor or be draped from the ceilings to create an elegant appearance.

Another way of creating an ambience separate to that of day-to-day office life, is to embrace a theme. When it comes to themed events, think outside of the box. It is essential to incorporate the chosen theme into all aspects of the event however try to avoid the dreaded “tacky” feel. This was successfully achieved through catering by tailoring the food and drink items. Our recent event showcased an array of breads, Bockwursts and pretzels all by an Austrian caterer to add to the authenticity. Event-goers enjoyed the novelty of Austrian beer served in 2-Pint Steins while devouring their sauerkraut Bockwursts. The event could not have been more authentic unless we were in Munich!

Offices tend to have fantastic acoustics for music which works well to create atmosphere especially for themed events. Oompah Brass perfectly complimented the Oktoberfest theme with a contemporary twist through playing familiar songs which successfully maintained enjoyment throughout the performance.

**Top Tip** Consider utilising a temporary PA and Lighting to create the same vibe in even the most difficult of spaces.

image7 image2 (1)

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The Role of Healthy Eating in Events: Interview with Andrea Carroll Langan, Nutritional Therapist

The Role of Healthy Eating in Events: Interview with Andrea Carroll Langan, Nutritional Therapist

The Role of Healthy Eating in Events: Interview with Andrea Carroll Langan, Nutritional Therapist

Andy Headshot 1

Andrea Carroll Langan, MSc, BSc is a functional nutritional therapist and NLP Practitioner. Through Andrea’s practice ‘Health Embrace,’ tailored nutritional and lifestyle programmes are offered to coach and encourage people towards achieving optimal health, condition and performance.

“Achieving competitive edge has always been big business. Ensuring valued employees, their biggest asset, are striving for optimal health is a large component in any forward thinking company’s success strategy. Nutrition drives energy and ultimately performance so unsurprisingly corporate wellness is a fast growing market in health.”

How do you feel corporate events can work to provide inspiring menus for events that are fun and healthy?

Events bring together lots of people, hungry ones, in an environment combining very different outlooks on life and even tastes. To consider many different healthy food options is not only excellent social responsibility, but it’ll help showcase your attention to detail and creative skills.

Having experienced first-hand the exciting projects that emerge when working with truly creative companies like Comshows, my recommendation would be to include nutritional guidance in the overall plan of events. As always experts in their field can save time, budget and quickly provide the finishing touches.

Although focusing on all aspects of health and nutrition at events is a great thing to do, it’s still new and exciting, so embrace the differentiator to keep you at the forefront of your field! People are always looking for the next big thing and nutrition is a huge topic that people just love to discuss.

What is your top tip for incorporating nutrition into events?

Make a big deal of ‘healthy swaps’ – attendees will appreciate options being provided and also the chance to try something new! More and more people are following a personalised dietary approach to support healthy weight maintenance or long term health (Paleo, 5:2, low GL, blood sugar regulation etc.). There’s catering for medical conditions such as coeliac that need to be covered out of necessity, but thinking of those who may have intolerances or a desire to eat a certain way makes you stand out.

Here are 3 simple swap choices which can be provided as easy alternatives or alongside your normal provisions:

  • Cauliflower rice instead of white rice
  • Courgetti instead of spaghetti
  • Carrot, squash and kale fries instead of chips and potatoes

Nutrition drives energy and ultimately performance

What would you recommend as a fun and interactive health-food activity?

Mindful Nourishment ‘Eating for Energy’ workshop either a full version for up to 90 minutes with tasters, fun questionnaires and quizzes or a modified version to fit a suitable time slot. It is designed to appeal to a large and varied audience and provides people with simple and effective tools for avoiding the effects of the blood sugar rollercoaster. Small changes can make a big difference so people love the talk as there’s always a win for everyone.

If you could pick one element for event organisers to help make a fun and healthy event – in particular to combat that after lunch feeling – what would it be?

Always include protein with any carbohydrate-based meal or snack offered as protein helps to slow the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. This provides a more gradual energy release and a feeling of being fuller for longer. Avoid the mid-afternoon slump!


For more Health Embrace nutrition tips, please visit:



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New Tutorial! Damage and Decay FX! No Plug-ins!

New Tutorial! Damage and Decay FX! No Plug-ins!

In this new tutorial we’ll create a procedural decay system capable of generating realistic rust, moss, cracks, corrosion & more! Like most sequels, Chapter 2 is jammed packed with even more unnecessary FX! Watch now!

Watch on youtube!

Techniques great for:

  • Learning Procedural workflow
  • Moss FX
  • Rust
  • Grunge
  • Plaster
  • Metal Corrosion
  • Paint Peel
  • And more!

Download Free Particle FX

Project Assets:

NAB SALE Last Call:

Oh and I should mention, our Sale is almost over so be sure to check it out!

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Submit your films for the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards now!

Submit your films for the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards now!

Presented in 2018 by SAE and ATOM, the ATOM Awards have established themselves as a mainstay of both the screen industry and education sectors after more than thirty-five years of recognising film and media excellence.

ATOM are currently calling for entries across forty-five diverse categories of film, television, animation, educational resources, games and new media. Over the past three years, the ATOM Awards have added several new categories for games, apps, ebooks, commercials, web series, telemovies/miniseries and feature films, as well as additional television series categories such as comedy and drama. As always – in addition to general categories that are open to both independent and established media producers – the Awards offer student categories tailored to all levels of education. Now more than ever, there’s a category for everyone!

The 2018 SAE ATOM Awards offer real opportunities for budding screen content creators to engage a vast audience, and to network with industry professionals. Our website hosts a page promoting each of the finalists’ productions. Plus, we run audience choice competitions for the student categories and a National Screenings Tour during the following year.

Selected winners and finalists from the 2017 Awards (including all finalists in the student categories) can be streamed online at atomawards.org.

Entries for the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards close in less than 1 month’s time:
midday AEST, Friday 1 June 2018.



The 2018 SAE ATOM Awards will recognise film and media excellence through two distinct awards ceremonies: the Student Awards Presentation on Wednesday 14 November and the Tertiary & Industry Awards Night on Thursday 29 November.

The Student Awards Presentation includes the announcement of the winners of the primary and secondary school student categories, as well as a showing of all the winning student films on the big screen.

The Tertiary & Industry Awards Night is for screen-industry personnel (and tertiary students) and is a great opportunity for emerging and independent producers, directors, cinematographers, composers, songwriters, game/multimedia producers, etc. to mingle with established Australian and New Zealand screen-content creators. Last year, the event was hosted by the always-entertaining Brian Nankervis from RocKwiz and was attended by representatives from Australia’s leading broadcasters and screen-funding bodies.


The 2018 SAE ATOM Awards National Screenings Tour comprises free screenings of recent ATOM Awards content across metropolitan and regional Australia and New Zealand.

The 2018 National Screenings Tour selections are available to schools free of charge. The tour provides opportunities for students and the general public to access screening programs comprising locally sourced screen content from students, emerging producers and established media professionals.

More details are available at atomawards.org/screenings/.


The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) has created some excellent and free filmmaking and animation resources, specifically for primary and secondary teachers and their students. Media Lab is an extensive website providing accessible media arts resources including videos and downloadable PDFs.

To learn more about the 2018 SAE ATOM Awards, please visit atomawards.org.

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2017 is predicted to be an exciting year for brand communication for those inspired to stand out from the crowd and deliver tailored audience experiences.
Check out our summary of key trends to whet your appetite:

1. Real Experience vs Virtual Reality

In 2016, Pokémon Go introduced a new world, the world of virtual reality; Due to the progressive technology in events, devices like the Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus could massively increase the reach of an event by bringing together experts and “virtual attendees” from all the parts of the world. That offers the ability to create a generation of ideas and discussion even to those who were not able to travel. This is the opportunity for events to be amplified, to go beyond the location, to preserve the one to one interaction while being miles away.


2. Inspiring Venues

Even though hotels have dominated the UK domestic conference market, nowadays conference and awards ceremony organisers look more for venues that fit the theme of their event and can impress their delegates and guests, rather than always choosing conference facilities offered by hotels and purpose-build conference venues. Informality is fast becoming the new norm, and this spills over into the use of more casual locations. This includes places like rehearsal studios, lofts, roof spaces, warehouses, temples, castles and previously unloved spaces that can be re-energised with amazing production techniques #original venues # license to be creative #graffiti signage on arrival  


3. Theatre for Brands

It’s all about the immersive theatre standard experiential experience: A successful event is based not only on profits and attendees’ satisfaction, but also creating memorable experiences, engaging the audience and later continuing to connect emotion with the event/brand. Be bold and creative and consider using bespoke theatre makers, such as Swamp Studios, to create and curate immersive and unforgettable bespoke brand experiences #theswampmotel #theultimateshow #creative script writing 

 Swamp - Blog

4. Go Live

Although live streaming is not a new thing, the enhanced LIVE functions of Facebook and Instagram paired with drone streaming will let events achieve game-changing, full-360 degree streaming and enable event organisers to create great content, drive interest and engage with the audience. Comshows v-communicator allows you to transcend borders and interact with remote audiences through voting/ commenting and ranking. Also as a bonus you get great archive video footage for use post-event #webcasting #borderless communication #extending the life of your event

Live streaming

5. The Role of Data

Stats like percentage of exhibitor types, educational topics discussed, and attendance increases, let attendees know if the event is a good fit. Furthermore, social media analytics tools can reveal the attendees’ preferences, demographics, behaviour etc. Analysing data and acting on it can improve the overall event experience, help organisers focus their marketing spend, and ultimately boost event attendance #BigData #Events

 Data for blog

6. View Point: Social Engagement at Trade Shows

Have you ever wanted to hear the spontaneous views of audiences about brands in a trade show environment? Viewpoint which is currently in development involves creating memorable experiences by creating a mini-studio at your event – lights, camera, backdrop and set up a playful exercise, asking some questions, tailored to the theme of the event, and invite delegates to get involved. For the participants, it’s a story to share back at the office and a memorable engagement with the event. For event organisers and organisations, it’s a way to create entertaining content, get real insight into themes and understand their participants. We have had some great feedback so far #ViewPoint #Tradeshows

Click here to see the taster video


Final blog Pic resized
Want to hear more creative ideas for your next event/exhibition, video or need the technical and creative expertise to unleash your next bold and memorable experience?



Twitter: comshows

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FX Console Updated to V1.0.3

FX Console Updated to V1.0.3

Good news everybody! Our sweet workflow plug-in, FX Console, has been updated with a BUNCH of bug fixes and a few new enhancements! If you are not using FX Console, check it out! It’s free!

Fixes and Enhancements for V1.0.3:

  • Added option to save images as JPG from menu & Gallery
  • Preferences files are now saved in a user path instead of a common path, meaning different preferences for different users.
  • Fixed user presets path for AE 2017 and 2018.
  • Fixed issues of preset and effects not being applied if a floating panel had the focus.
  • Fixed screenshot image resolution not being correct in OSX.
  • Fixed crash when rending via command line.
  • Fixed color profile issue when taking a screenshot (mismatch colors).

After Effects Requirements:
Adobe After Effects CC and above (Including CC2014 Sorry no CS6)

DOWNLOAD FX Console V1.0.3 PLUG-IN: For After Effects!

FX Console V1 Features:

  • Access FX & Presets quickly
  • Create FX Shortcuts
  • Create FX Overrides
  • Export Snapshot with PNG
  • Automatic Snapshot Tool & Gallery
  • + MORE!

In V1.0.1 we added these features:

  • Custom Shortcut Key
  • Import + Export Settings file
  • Tab to Presets in search results
  • Over a dozen bug fixes!

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Future Proof SD Cards/SSDs for Your Camera and Computer From Angelbird

Future Proof SD Cards/SSDs for Your Camera and Computer From Angelbird

Cameras are demanding faster media than ever with internal high bit rate 4K and sometimes RAW footage. The solution? Angelbird! Lets take a look at the Angelbird SD cards and SSDs for video production.

These cards and drives work perfectly with the demanding 4K-6K from the GH5 and even the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K!

  • Angelbird V90 SD Cards
  • Angelbird SSD2go PKT SSD
  • Angelbird SSD2go PKT XT SSD
  • Angelbird Atomos 4K RAW SSD

Be sure to watch Ash Tailor’s review of the Angelbird gear here.
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You can learn more about Angelbird hard drives and other gear on their website here.

Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase gear with these links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

These test drives were supplied to me from Angelbird for testing free of charge. This review and it’s content was not reviewed or paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.

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