Film and Video for Public Sector Government bodies, Council and general funding applications

Film and Video has become common place in many environments. Traditionally it is used to demonstrate products and services but now as production costs have fallen film and video is used in many more sectors.

Funding application Video Presentation

Recently we have worked with Council offices in a variety of projects. For example we have completed a short video production showing how funding has been spent and how people have benefited from that. The result was that it shows people how the money was spent in an brief and informative way and helps secure funding for similar projects in the future.

Awareness & Learning Difficulties Video Production

We have also worked with a Children’s Centre recently to help them recruit parents and families to the services offered by their organisation. Many of their target audience may have learning difficulties and may indeed be hard to reach so a video production is an easy way to show the services available in a format which can easily be absorbed by the viewer.

Wedding Video Production

Believe it or not, the range of professional HD video recording and production equipment that we possess enable us to produce high quality wedding videos to a strict budget. We have competed several interesting projects all over the UK in conjunction with our trusted partners Aberdeen wedding video – which have proved very popular and have led to us expanding into this niche in recent months. If you want a wedding video with outstanding production values at a reasonable cost then content Adphonic.

Event or Meeting Video Presentation

You may be holding an important event or meeting in the coming weeks. More and more clients – such as Sainsburys Furniture in Aberdeen, are having these events filmed and edited into a presentation which can be distributed to the attendees or indeed those who were unable to attend which gives added life and value to your event which can be costly to put on. This way you get extra life from the event !

So what better way to enhance your marketing profile . Our videos have appeared in many places including the House of Commons and have won major funding amounts which makes it all worth while. It may be an internet video, webcast, DVD or presentation tool but whichever it is we are sure we have a video production for you.

Commercial Photography

We also specialise in certain aspects of commercial photography including product shots, office and work environments and staff profiles. We can work on site and off-site and can work to an hourly or day rate depending on the clients requirements. Please contact our sales team for more information and to arrange a quote.