Local Marketing is a growing Sector

People think that the Internet is a powerful marketing tool just because it gives them the ability to quickly reach vast numbers of people who are geographically spread all over the place. While that’s true certainly, it’s not all that makes it powerful. The Internet also gives you the power to go local, narrow and specific. Local marketing is the new mantra of getting your business ahead.

Here’s the thing – when people need to find local businesses to buy from, they don’t turn to television or print advertising. They turn to the Internet. Of the people who turn to the Internet to search for local businesses to take their custom to, a full 90% actually end up contacting the business over the phone or in person. Any businesses that are interested in tapping all these people who are looking for local goods and services need to get their local marketing act together.

Large scale businesses often forget this. Since they covet the business of the whole country at large, they turn repeatedly to mass-market communication methods – national television spots and so on. They neglect to try to target customers in their small towns. When a small town resident sees national advertising on the television, and then fires up a search engine to see what kinds of businesses there are in his neck of the woods, he is in main going to pay attention to whatever local businesses the search engine turns up. They always seem more relevant.

For instance, if they are looking for an events management company and they search for “events management companies in Aberdeen” they’re going to see some national chains trying to do a bit of local marketing by addressing the keyword phrase “events management companies in” and then putting in the name of whatever city or town it’s aiming for. That’s not quite going to impress them as much as a real local business that uses local information to really set itself apart.

There are number of ways in which a local business can really set itself apart. It can go all out on Facebook for instance, talking about the local community and its financial planning needs. That’s going to really impress Google. Or they can support a number of  local events that they will talk about on their website. They will have a Twitter account that has a lot of followers in the local area. This is the kind of thing that really tells a search engine that a business is truly local, and not just some national chain trying to pretend it’s local.

Local marketing isn’t just about buying cost per click advertising that targets local searches. It’s about really involving yourself in the community and putting roots down there. On the Internet.

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