Make Sure Your Marketing is Intelligent

We all know that intelligent marketing is important for our business, but unfortunately it is also an area that tends to suffer a lot of cutbacks when the market conditions changes for the worse and businesses struggle. However, by cutting back on marketing we also limit our chances to reach new clients or customers, hence reducing our chances of climbing back up the profit ladder.

So what can we change to make sure we still do a sufficient amount of marketing, without spending too much money? The answer of course is to spend the money wisely!

If you currently spend a large amount of your marketing budget on direct mail, then you know that a significant portion of what you spend goes to printing the material, the paper it is printed on and postage. You might also have experienced the frustration of realizing that you would like to change the look or feel of your material, only to come up against printing deadlines! Mailing your audience also tends to be a very slow way of communicating, it takes a long time for responses to come in and it can be very hard to measure how much of the campaign actually reaches its audience and how much is wasted.

With Email Marketing however, you can cut all this out of the equation – let me explain: There is no printing or paper cost, the only cost is that of creating your copy (which you would have to do with a printed campaign too of course)There is no postage to pay, however there will most likely be a fee per sent email. This fee is normally much lower than postage, and it does not restrict you to certain sizes or limit the amount of information you can put forward though.

Email is a brilliant way to direct the audience to your website – giving them all the information they need, with no limited amount of pages!You can tailor the copy to your audience, different copy to different people, or change copy when you want through out the campaign to test different versions or subject lines to make sure you get the response you want. This offers you the freedom of communicating with your audience in a much more direct and personable way.

The response from an email campaign is quick – it is fast to send and to track the results.Thanks to email tracking software it is easy to know how many have opened your email and who they are, even if they don’t get in touch – how would you do that with a traditional direct mail campaign? The email reports can then be used to adjust your next campaign, to target the right audience with the right market.


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